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Erica Aspacher​

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My Story

I graduated from college with an Accounting degree.  I spent five years behind a desk, THEN I had my first baby.  I couldn’t leave her, so I became a stay at home mom.  Now I am the mother to two WONDERFUL girls. My girls are older now, and it’s time to do some things for myself and my family.  While I was a stay-at-home mom I started doing make-up for a photography business.  First, for brides, seniors, and moms, so it was a natural progression for us to join forces. In 2012 we started Moth to a Flame Boudoir Photography where I was LEAD makeup artist for 5 years.

Because life is a never-ending journey recently I went back to accounting.  I work for a FABULOUS dermatology and skincare center, which fits right in with my passion maintaining a youthful skin. 
I still need to fuel my creativity so photography, website design, and makeup artistry allow me to flex those muscles.

My Years of experience in the beauty industry taught me one thing...Look for the best products out there and start maintaining your body and skin YOUNG...But remember it is never too late to start!! 

Most of all, the one thing I love is empowering people to be their best, to take chances in life, move forward, and SAY YES to the things that scare you the most.  My family, my friends and living my best life are the most important things in the world to me!  So here's to being MY best self and inspiring you to be YOUR best self.  ~xoxo

Some insight on me:
I like…to have a good time, I’ll try anything once!  This hasn’t always worked out for me, ask my mom!
I like…being crazy with my little girls.
I like…friendships that matter, that build each other up.
I like…good wine and good beer (not at the same time).
I like…vacations, preferably some place warm.
I like…feeling pretty and sexy and making others feel pretty and sexy (how better to do both than boudoir photography)!
I like…eating healthy (don’t always succeed) and exercising (really I do).

I don’t like…being told no.
I don’t like…feeling like I have limitations!
I don’t like…not getting enough sleep; but, then again, who does?
I don’t like…not having enough time in the day to do all I need to do.
I don’t like …when the hot water runs out!

~Erica Aspacher